Items We Accept

Please remember that our clients are coming out of very hard times; items with rips, stains, tears, peeling paint, or pet damage are not accepted. Items need to be clean and in GOOD working condition.

Please check our list of items we don't accept if you don't see your item here.

Download our handy one page Donation Guideline of what we accept/don't accept.

Appliances (Small)

  • Air Conditioners - 110V only - we accept up to 8,000 BTU
  • Fans (portable) and Heaters (space)
  • Irons and Ironing boards
  • Kitchen - Blenders, Can openers, Coffee makers, Clocks, Electric fry pans, Food processors, Mixers, Toasters, Toaster ovens, Rice cookers, Slow cookers
  • Microwaves – Countertop only
  • Sewing Machines and Notions
  • Vacuums

Appliances (Large) -10 yrs or newer

Baby Items: No Recalled Items - See US Consumer Products Saftey Commission -> Recalls if unsure of your donation.

  • Bed Guards and Safety Gates 
  • Booster Seats, Bath seats, Potty Seats           
  • Car Seats (within expiration date on seat)      
  • Changing Tables and Pads     
  • High Chairs
  • Mattresses: Crib and Toddler
  • Play Pens, Port-a-cribs, Pack-n-plays (NO wooden playpens)
  • Strollers and Carriages           
  • Toddler Beds  


  • Bed Frames – Metal & Complete wooden frames
  • Bunk Beds (must have all parts)
  • Box Springs
  • Futons and Frames    
  • Headboards alone (accepted if bolt-on type)
  • Mattresses

Books: We accept Children’s Books & Cookbooks - Consider dropping off books to Acton Library (dropoff when library open) or More Than Words container at HGRM for all books that we do not accept


  • Computers - 5 years or newer/ flat screen monitors only
  • DVD Players and VCRs
  • Printers (3 yrs or newer, must have all cords)
  • Radios, Complete stereo systems
  • Telephones
  • Televisions - Within 10 yrs, cable ready, color (no projection)


Housewares/Decorative Items

  • Framed Art and Mirrors, Photo frames
  • Home décor items
  • Lamps
  • Rugs- Bound, no larger than  8 ftx10ft

Kitchen Items


  • Curtains, Curtain rods, Tablecloths
  • Mattress pads, Blankets, Comforters, Sheets
  • Bed pillows only - (New or like new)
  • Towels

Misc Items

revised 1/2/13



Acceptable Condition - What to look out for

Appliances (small)  

Air Conditioners

110V, up to 8,000 BTU. 10 yrs or newer.
Units with EER (Energy Efficient Ratio) and UL-approved.
Unit must be in operable condition with attached power cord.
NO A/C's accepted October-April.

Blenders, can openers, coffee makers, mixers, food processors, toasters, toaster ovens, electric fry pans, rice cookers, crockpots

Units must have cords, be UL-approved, and be in good operating condition
Blenders, processors should have all the mixing bowls or parts. Coffee makers must have carafe included.
No bread machines

Microwave ovens

Countertop microwaves only. No under-cabinet units
Ovens must be UL-approved, clean, no rust and in good working condition. Doors must close tightly to avoid any microwave leakage

Sewing machines, notions

We accept sewing machines in good working order, as we are unable to do repairs. We prefer portable sewing machines, but will take working sewing machine with sewing table (no tables alone).

Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners must be in good operating condition and include all attachments (tape to machine). Unit must be capable of strong suction; the hose must be intact with tight connections.
Appliances (large)
10 years or newer


10 years or newer preferred. Fridge with top or bottom freezer; If side by side, bring to warehouse, (pickups only if in garage or driveway or easy trip out to truck).
Units must be UL-approved and in good operating condition, frost free, no rust or major dents, and include all shelves.Units must be clean and free of any offensive odors.
Door gaskets must be in good condition; no air leaks
Temperature controls must work and have all appropriate dials and knobs
We do accept dorm fridges.

Washers & Dryers (electric)

Electric washers and dryers less than 10 years old preferred, UL-approved, and in good operating condition. Power cords must be attached and be in serviceable condition; no fraying or exposed wires.
The chassis should be free of large dents or excessive rust; Operating manuals are desired, if possible. Please drain all water.


Metal bedframes, any size (including king). Wooden bedframes - must be complete -headboard, sideboards, slats, footboard. We accept bunkbeds, daybed frames, trundle beds (include trundle mattress if less than 38in wide) & fold up cots (with mattress). Headboards alone must be bolt in type. No motorized beds. No queen or king platform beds.



Futon mattresses must be CLEAN, free of urine, odors, and stains; not sagging.
We prefer to accept futon mattresses with the frames, though we can accept these separately - pickup of futons must include frames.


Mattresses must be clean, free of tears, urine, odors, mold/mildew and noticeable stains; not sagging (these will be inspected prior to acceptance). NO Mattress toppers, no feather toppers- mattress pads ok.
We DO accept boxsprings alone, but do not pick these up if only item.




We accept complete systems only.
See computer guidelines


TVs must be color, in good operating condition, 10 years or newer, cable ready with digital features.
We do not accept large screen TV's, console TVs, No Projection TV's or any black/white TVs. Any flat screen is accepted. Power cords must be attached; no fraying or exposed wire. Remote and manual is helpful - please tape or attach to TV if possible.



Bookcases must be in good, serviceable condition. Must have backs & come with all shelves.
All shelves must be intact and not bowed.

Bureaus, Dressers, Wardrobes, Armoires

Must be in good, serviceable condition. All drawers must be included and must work freely. No water damage, peeling paint etc (missing hardware, wood repairs can be done by our workshop volunteers).

Chairs, wooden/upholstered

Kitchen/dining room type chairs:
Wooden chairs must be structurally sound, in good condition and not require gluing or repair.
Upholstered seats on dining room chairs must be in reasonable condition: no rips or tears, no torn vinyl or fabric covering.
Chairs with metal frames that are rusted are not accepted
Chairs, upholstered:
Important: any slipcover must be removed and the original furniture checked for all the following: The outer covering (material) must be clean, free of stains, musty smell and without any worn-through spots, rips, or tears.
All seat cushions must be included and in good repair.
Foam stuffing must still be elastic – no powdering or hardening.
Items should be clean - free of pet, urine odors or musty smell. No pet hair please.
Electric recliners must work. Non-electric recliner mechanisms must move freely.

Couches, Loveseats, Sofas, Sofa Beds, Sectionals, Couch (with reclining parts)

Important: any slipcover must be removed and the original furniture checked for all the following:The outer covering (material) must be clean, free of stains, and without any worn-through spots, rips, or tears. Leather must not have any cracking or worn through areas.
No excessive fraying of the outer covering - we do not have the capability to reupholster.All seat cushions must be included and in good repair.
Foam stuffing must still be elastic – no powdering or hardening.
Items should be free of smoke, animal or urine odors, pet hair, pet damage, especially cat scratches.
Recliner mechanisms must be in good working order. Sofa Beds must include mattress.

Desks, Student/Computer

We accept smaller student size desks and computer desks in very good condition only - no greater than 3 ft (36in). No metal desks.

Entertainment centers, Hutches, Sideboards

Small to moderate size entertainment centers preferred – no larger than 6 feet tall and up to 42 inches wide please. NO large particle board units please. No partial pieces, i.e. tops only.
Must be in good repair. We will accept larger units if you bring to the warehouse - we can only pickup units up to 36 inches wide.


We accept tables of all kinds and sizes, including dining room tables, kitchen tables, end tables, side tables, coffee tables.
Tables should have all their legs; surfaces can be used but not be severely damaged.
Wooden tables must not show any separation or delaminating from exposure to moisture.
NO glass tables, large stone tables, drafting or gaming tables please.


Lamps should be operational with an electric cord that is not frayed nor showing any exposed wires.We accept table and floor lamps. No ceiling or wall lights please.
NO Halogen Torchiere floorlamps.


We accept up to 8ft x10ft size rugs. No rug pads, no unbound rugs or remnants.
Rugs must be clean and in good condition without obvious wear spots, stains, mold/mildew, pet hair or odors
Kitchen Items  

Dishes, glasses, mugs

Should not have any chips or cracks, or excessive clouding of the glass
Sets of 2 or more only

Pots & Pans, woks, teakettles

Handles must be attached and intact
Pots and pans must be free of rust and should not be excessively dented
Non-stick surfaces must be smooth and free of scratches.

Kitchen Starter Kits

kitchen starter kit

Some of our clients are starting from scratch - please consider helping them with a basic 'Kitchen Starter Kit' which could include:

Can opener, whisk, vegetable peeler, measuring spoons, spatula, slotted spatula, solid spoon, ladle, strainer, spaghetti fork etc. Place in labeled ziploc type bag!

Linens & things  

Curtains, curtain rods

Must be clean and serviceable; not heavily faded or stained.
Writing the curtain’s length on the bag or box is helpful.
We need simple standard curtain rods, spring pressure rods and shower rods.
NO custom window treatments, board mounted treatments, traverse drapery rods or continental rods please.
Medical Equipment  

Medical Equipment
(for other options, check our list of other organizations)


LIMITED SPACE - we can only accept if we have space
Medical furniture such as commodes and shower chairs.
Walkers (folding or seated only); rollators
Wheel chairs, canes - NO CRUTCHES
All must be in good condition.
Hospital beds cannot be accepted.


Hand tools/Client tool kit

Small, basic hand tools such as screwdrivers, hammers, pliers
Must be in reasonable condition – no rust
small power tools accepted such as drills, etc

Please consider putting together a tool kit for our clients that might include: Hammer; screw driver (philips & flat); pliers (needle nose & regular); small baggie or container of assorted screws & nails; picture hangers. Package all in labeled large or jumbo size Ziploc bag!

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